About Dallas / 关于达拉斯

The city of Dallas (Dallas) is located in the territory of Texas. Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington compose the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) metropolitan, covering 12 counties, with a total population of 687 million people in 2010, is the first South American large metropolitan.Dallas city was founded in 1814, formally established in 1856 with population of about 1.24 Million.  There is a population of more than 6 million in the city. Oil, telecommunications, computer technology, banking and air transport industry are the economic pillar.  Also,  numbers of railway, highway lines, and land transport are well developed to boost Dallas strong business. Dallas is the center of finance and healthcare in South of US.  The total GDP is 448 billion and ranked sixth in the USA. / 达拉斯市(Dallas)位于美国得克萨斯州境内,该市与沃斯堡、阿灵顿组成达拉斯-沃斯堡(DFW)大都会,覆盖12个县,总人口687万人(2010年数据),是美国南方第一大大都会。达拉斯市创立于1814年,1856年正式建立,达拉斯的人口约124万,城市群人口超过600万。经济支柱为石油工业、电信业、计算机技术、银行业和航空运输业。此外,达拉斯位于数条铁路线和高速公路线上,陆上交通非常发达。达拉斯地区是美国南部的医疗,教育和金融中心,2014年的GDP总量为4480亿美元,位居全美第六。