Win-Win / 共创双赢

Investment, capital management, real estate, construction, packaging, printing, daily use, media, education, logistic, law firm, and others are included in this amazing business leaders summit. You deserve it! / 此次峰会涉及资产投资、资产管理、房地产、建筑工程、包装印刷、印刷机械、日用家化、传媒媒体、文化教育、物流贸易、法律咨询、等等。欢迎大家!


Growth and Entertainment. / 合作共赢,共同发展。 Along with the rising development and influcence, we are happy to see the chamber to be known by more and more Chinese and US people. Chamber stives to build a strong bridge betewen China and US. The rapid development of Dallas not only  surpreise us  at the same time, but also […]